Zoning Board of Appeals - 11/30/21

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Petition 20-17 by CHRIS QUIGLEY; requests an administrative change to a previously-approved Dimensional Special Permit regarding construction of staircase at front of house. Property located at 120 PURITAN ROAD (Parcel ID: 21-28) 00:00:34

Petition 21-01 by WINN DEVELOPMENT c/o CHRIS DRUCAS, ESQ. Requests Chapter 40B Comprehensive Special Permit for the construction of a 120-unit, mixed-income apartment building. Property located at 129 ESSEX ST, 25 & 35 PITMAN RD, 21 ELM PL (Parcel IDs: 6-195, 6-243, 6-199, 6-118) 00:08:30

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