Zoning Board of Appeals - 4/27/22

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1. Approval of past meeting minutes 00:01:29

2. 7:00PM - Petition 22-02-(A-C) by SWAMPSCOTT HOUSING AUTHORITY c/o IRMA CHEZ. Requests a Sign Special Permit for the installation of one entrance sigh at each of the three properties. Property addresses 29-31 CHERRY ST (Parcel ID: 6-187), 6 DUNCAN TER (Parcel ID: 3-31), and 22 BURRILL ST (Parcel ID: 6-111B) 00:06:45

3. 7:00PM - Petition 22-03 by MICHAEL JONCYZK. Requests Dimensional Special Permit for the construction of a front porch. Property address 166 PURITAN RD (Parcel ID: 21-1C) 00:10:25

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