Zoning Board of Appeals - 11/15/22

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11/15/2022 7:14:17 PM


2. 7:00PM - Petition 22-23 by GEGORY MCDONALD c/o KEN SHUTZER. Requests Dimensional Special Permit and Special Permit for Nonconforming Uses and/or Structures for construction of addition that connects principal dwelling with carriage house. Property address 135 GALLOUPES POINT RD (Parcel ID: 26-46A) 00:02:08

3. 7:00PM - Petition 22-24 by CHASE BANK c/o HAZEL WOOD HOPKINS SIGNS. Requests Sign Special Permit for installation of free-standing business sign at property entrance. Property address 970 PARADISE RD (Parcel ID: 17-9A) 00:48:19

7:15PM - Petition 22-21 (formerly SPR22-02) by IG INVESTMENTS LLC c/o PAUL LYNCH, ESQ. Requests Dimensional Special Permit and/or Dimensional Variance for construction of two-family home on vacant lot with insufficient frontage. Address 0 LODGE RD (Parcel ID: 24-73) 01:02:09

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